Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 51 -- Think of Laura

Way back in the early days of this blog (back before I realized just how much I was funding that infamous turn of the century turtleneck uprising), I reviewed a wintry little crewneck...and also mentioned that he had a twin (albeit fraternal...note the neckline).  Ah, the innocence of Day Seven--before the suffering that was the mock necks, and while I still held onto the fleeting hope that, to paraphrase country singer Billy Currington, "God is great, beer is good, and chenille is cozy." So now it's time to put this twin up to the rigors of his button-shouldered crewneck lookalike.  That sweater may have received his stamp of approval by Inspector 12 back in the day, but I've seen too much since that time (funnel necks? Oh, the horror!) and have emerged a more wizened and critical judge of sweaters (much like Miss Minaj on this season of Idol).  Unless it's really soft...then, of course, all judgement goes out the window.

Oh, I just hope that cute boy I sit in front of in Social Studies sends me a Valentine...

Who knew that American Eagle was capable of such intricacies in their patterns?

When worn on February 12th, these stitches actually resemble hearts.

Full disclosure here: while I did wear this sweater on February 12th, I didn't exactly get around to writing this until...well, sometime after.  I say this, lest you think that I might possibly deem this color pattern appropriate for early April.  Which, of course, I do not...unless that's all the only colors I have left towards the end of this blog (49 days and counting...).

Okay, back to the task at hand--this early-mid 2Ks sweater from American Eagle (back before I got called "ma'am" on a regular basis while shopping there...Never. Again).  Remember, part of this reason that I can get away with wearing 100 days of sweaters is because I work in an ice rink and am around children most of the day.  So, while this sweater would look ridiculous around one of those long tables at which people have meetings while looking at a Power Point presentation featuring pie charts and bar graphs, it blends in perfectly well while chanting, "March, march, glide," to a group of Pre-Kindergartners (around these parts, it is no longer "Nursery School".  Maybe it's so we don't mix them up with the local foliage?).  I recognize that this isn't exactly haute couture here, and I probably wouldn't wear it out for a movie date with Nina Garcia (while that sounds like an impossibility, I did attend a luncheon in which Tim Gunn gave a lecture about his most recent book.  And, yes, he was just as charming as he is on TV.  Much love for Mr. Gunn...who would definitely not "Have a positive visceral reaction" to this (or any) turtleneck).  But, for my tastes, it was long, soft, and festive in a mid-February kind of way.  I'll hang on to it...but keep it on one of the higher shelves in the closet.

My rating: Anthony (or Tony) Geary.  Yes, him.  If you are not a regular viewer of GH, the lone picture in the Google images in your brain is his fuzzy hair encircling his receding hairline while staring adoringly into a feathered-hair Genie Francis' (heavily made-up) eyes. In fact, much like this sweater, you might only think about him once a year, but that's just fine with him.  From everything I've read about him (in the dentist's office, perhaps), it appears that Mr. Geary accepts and cherishes his reputation as a veritable institution in Soapdom.  This status allows him (and his character, the legendary Luke Spencer), to go off on various excursions throughout the year (how does Luke get away with simply running off for months at a time, with little or no contact with his family?  He's Luke--apparently, no explanations are necessary or required).  Although I almost never actually wear this sweater, when I do, I am rewarded with a warm and cozy friend, just like regular GH viewers (and Tony Geary fans) are treated to an under-rated (to the non-daytime TV world, that is) comic actor who literally steals every scene that he's in. He might never get the kudos that he deserves, but when you're looking for a little levity along with your romance, pull out this comfy turtleneck and hang out by the fireplace in the Quartermaine mansion (Is he still married to Tracy?  I'll admit that I too watch GH only about once a year).  But, do me a favor, easy on that eye makeup...

My rating: Anthony (or Tony) Geary. 

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