Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 11 -- Yet Another Abercrombie Turtlenck--Is There No End in Sight?

I'm going to come clean here--I kind of rigged today's entry.  In the political arena (which I only enter when it's time to vote for "American Idol"), this would be known as "setting up a straw man."  You see, it's the Friday before Christmas break (otherwise known in the adult world as...Friday) and I sort of have this tradition of wearing this over sized red pseudo-fisherman knit sweater from Ann Taylor from (way) back in the day on this special Friday...and I just couldn't bear to spend the day in some mediocre turtleneck from American Eagle.  If I get to the 80th day of this blog and I have no more sweaters left from American Eagle, Aeropostale, and, while I'm at it, New York and Company, I'll consider this experiment a great success.

So, I present to you the straw man...a navy turtleneck (bored already, aren't you) from Abercrombie that is pilling like _______ (insert your own celebrity joke there).  I recall that I bought it, even though it was a small, because it was marked down so many times. Even in my early 2K Abercrombie spending sprees, I knew that this sweater was a dud. But because the store still had a modicum of cache, it hung around.  I predict that it will make it through my 7:00 am lesson, but not as far as my 9:30 tots classes.
Pills, pills, pills...

Despite the odd lighting in these photos, this sweater, were it in a J.Crew catalogue, would be called "Morgue Navy."

Living in (relative...meaning amongst my relatives) infamy on the Internet is definitely more than this sweater deserves.  It accomplished the first hat trick of the season: it was too short, it itched me, and it pilled when you looked at it crosswise.  While everyone else was having fun in their 80s ugly Christmas sweaters (high schoolers, that is.  Any mom at the rink was probably not wearing them in an ironic fashion), I was stuck in a drab navy turtleneck.  Which goes to show you that just because something is from Abercrombie, it doesn't mean you'll end up dating that model from the shopping bags when you wear it. Gone in 60 seconds.

My rating: Nicolas Cage post 2002 (which is probably when I bought this sweater). Almost nothing redeemable to say about his career at this point...I'd rather wear an out of style sweater from the 80s than to sit through anything he's made in the last ten years. The cool guy from Valley Girl must have just been a figment of my teen aged imagination.

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