Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 8...Long Lost Cousins.

Do you remember when Bo and Luke Duke just suddenly left town...only to be replaced by their "cousins" Coy and Vance?  Yeah, neither (and I promise you that I knew those names without the use of  Wikipedia or any search engine).  Well, way back on Day Three (aka, "The Battle of the Yellow Turtlenecks: Day One"), I had a matched set of American Eagle chunky turtlenecks...and they both met their maker.

Imagine my surprise when Coy and Vance show up in my armoire (they were the same style number...I checked the tag). How did they get past security? Since their singular colored kin were eliminated, should they even be given a fighting chance?  Well...they are kind of fetching.

Look at this beautiful green yarn.  Is it any wonder that I can't quit this sweater?

Red mixed with chunks of kryptonite.
Maybe these sweaters weren't Coy and Vance, after all.  For cousins twice removed, these turtlenecks fared better than expected.  I hate to have a double standard (or, in this case, "quadruple standard") based solely on looks, but, in this case, it's kind of necessary.  I don't know what it is about that green's a little too short and isn't exactly a show-stopper, but I just can't bear to part with it.  That green color is so unique and people seem to compliment my eyes a lot when I wear it (okay. so it happened once...but I'm giving credit to the sweater. It's the least I can do after comparing him to the faux Dukes). I also sported the red/orange selection, which, for some reason, isn't as attractive to me.  I hate to eradicate an entire family, and, to be honest, the green sweater is a bit stretched out and kind of pilling (which wouldn't make it the most welcome of donations).  I opted to keep the green sweater that I never can say goodbye to, and donate the (lovely) red/orange cousin.My rating: Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney.  Both (somewhat) attractive but also fairly interchangeable. While I find Dylan McDermott to be the more handsome of the two actors (got to love a blood orange sweater...even if I don't really like the words "blood orange), I chose Dermot Mulroney based on some of his recent self-deprecating routines on SNL, and also his appearances on The New Girl were pretty amusing. Sorry, Dylan...but The Practice hasn't been on in years (probably not since I actually purchased this sweater) and I'm not up for tuning into that American Horror Story show anytime soon.On the 8th day of sweaters, a total of 7 sweaters have gone to the great armoire in the sky. And I haven't even touched that stack on pastel chenille cowl necks from the entire week's worth, I fear. So much work to be done!

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