Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Two

Here's what I get to wear today...lucky me! And, despite the deep fold marks to the contrary, I believe that I've actually worn this sometime during the Obama administration.  Something about that little blue tassel...

This early 2000s, Old Navy wool sweater barely evokes any kind of emotion from me.  Dull color, ho hum style, and a barely visible alpine stripe at the bottom of it.  Yawn!  Since it was that little tassel on the hood that prompted its stay of execution, I made it a point to wear that hood several times throughout the day. To which I heard, "That's a cool hat."  And it is.  But not a very exciting sweater.  In fact, without that little ball of yarn on the hood, it would be a downright depressing little sweater.  I hesitate to donate it to any charity, lest it give them the blues on a rainy November day.  But then there's that tassel to brighten things up.

My grade: Ashton Kutcher.  Other than a small note of whimsy, this sweater has very little going for it and has hung around far too long.  The fact that it is still working, while other, more worthy, sweaters languish in the back of the sweater stack is a real shame.  No longer.  The first victim of 100 Days of Sweaters has been decided.  And I won't be asking, "Dude, Where's My Tassel Sweater?"

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