Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Six...more Abercrombie!

Okay, so this wire dress form kind of makes all of my sweaters look like they have enormous shoulders.  Which, of course, was all too true of my favorites during the 80s, but I'd like to think that I've progressed a little bit since then.  Or have I...

Another Abercrombie sweater...and, yes, it had relatives.  One was white, one was maroon, and I had the good sense to give both of those away long ago.  But this one survived, based only on his good coloring and the fact that, at one time, I thought Abercrombie was reason enough to keep a sweater.

I remembered that this sweater didn't exactly have the greatest fit to it, so I wisely opted to wear it on a Sunday (after church and Panera, of course. Wouldn't want any real people to see me in this one until or if I deemed it worthy).

The best that can be said about this sweater is that it has a great orangey-yellow color and a sporty neckline.  The knit, however, looks vaguely Muppet-like (and although I'm a huge Muppets fan, I don't exactly want to resemble one) and the fit is really boxy.  And thus, into the (donation) box it goes.

My rating: Luke Perry.  Yes, he was attractive at one point, and still has some good qualities (once you're Dylan McKay, you're always Dylan McKay in my book), but his leading man days (even on the Hallmark Channel) are long past him.

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