Monday, December 10, 2012

Day One

Ah yes.  I seem to recall stopping at the Donna Karan outlet on the way to a skating competition around 2002.  And nothing says "skating coach" like a nordic print sweater.  Well, we will see how this one fares today.  I'm predicting those sleeves are going to annoy me, and I'm not so sure about that keyhole neckline.  There must be a reason that I cannot recall the last time I pulled this baby out.

I had high hopes for this sweater (and by that, I mean that I had hoped it would be so awful that I wouldn't even have to make a tough decision).  I thought it would itch, be too short, and have annoying bell sleeves--today would be simple.  Out it goes. So, when I walked into the rink this morning, immediately I heard, "I like your sweater."  I kid you not.  I rolled my eyes, and said, "Really?"  I got a second opinion.  My boss, a hockey coach said, "Predictable.  Very Dale of Norway," (hey, I couldn't expect him to guess that this was a DKNY offering).

As the day went on, I noticed that this sweater, while not necessarily my aesthetic, was quite soft, warm, and, dare I say it, cozy.  I feel like it cries out for a white turtleneck under it (and it can keep on crying, because Homey don't play that), but I can live with that. It looks like this sweater might be going back on the shelf...and maybe even one that I don't need a step stool to reach.

My grade: Chris O'Donnell.  Like the actor, this sweater is not flashy but it gets the job done and leaves the wearer warm and unbothered. Maybe it's not the height of fashion, but nobody will point fingers at it and mock.  While its Scent of a Woman moment is long in the past, there is still a future for this sweater, even if it is on network TV opposite LL Cool J.

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