Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 7...The (American) Eagle has landed...

No one can say that I didn't do my level best to stimulate the economy in the early 2000s.   There was a time when I didn't get called "ma'am" when I walked into American Eagle, and that must have been when this one came into my life. Although I never gravitate towards it when I'm getting dressed, I must admit that it looks promising. At the very least, it's kind of a festive pattern. Could this high-on-the-shelf dweller earn a more desirable piece of real estate?

You know that ski lodge that everybody in the J.Crew catalog seems to own? The one with the sectional couch, roaring fireplace, and, of course, that silver-haired model that has been in every J. Crew catalog since the early days of the roll neck sweater?  Yeah, well, this sweater would be right at home there (complete with those over-sized wool--but not itchy--socks and a steaming mug of hot chocolate).

As for me, well, it was a fine companion for the day.  It never pestered me to pull it down, nor did it call too much attention to itself.  It's good looking enough to get the job done; nothing more, nothing less.  It's a keeper, but probably not a repeater (unless I get that lodge sometime soon...then I'll wear it for apres ski).  I hesitate to mention this, but this alpine delight has a pink/red turtlenecked cousin (surprise, surprise). I guess he'll stick around too...at least until after Valentines Day.

My rating: Grant Show (not to be confused with Murphy Brown's "Grant Shaud").  While he was quite a looker on Melrose Place, his current status is more of the made-for-Lifetime variety.  This sweater is good enough for basic cable, but I certainly wouldn't wear it any higher on the channel spectrum than VH-1 (but I might wear it to Shooter's).

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