Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day Four...Another Day, Another Yellow Turtleneck.

There was a time when Abercrombie offered something other than cutoff shorts and "ironic" statement tees. And whenever that short period of time was, I purchased a lot of sweaters there. In numbers.

So you can sort of understand why I might have given some of these sweaters a bit more leniency...just based on their heritage alone.

But no sooner had I pulled this yellow sweater over my head, than off it went and into the (ever growing) giveaway pile. There is not enough sentimental value for a sweater so short that you have to wear a shirt under it, but then so light in color, that said shirt must be extremely light in color.

But, in the interest of fairness, I decided to give his green brother a try. Lovely color, no pilling, no itch factor...but not really worth the tugging involved with a sweater this abbreviated. Next.

I must disclose that I'm a sucker for orange, and could very well have a month to this delicious color.  And this particular shade of orange was especially lovely, as it had flecks of yellow yarn mixed in with it.  So I was actually able to overlook the brevity of the length (maybe it'll be cool to tuck sweaters into a skirt this year), and declared this one a keeper.

My rating: The lesser Baldwin brothers (Alec is not included here).  They are (somewhat) attractive, and each have had their moment in the sun (Stephen had his Usual Suspects, Billy had Backdraft, and Daniel...well, he had Celebrity Rehab with the Silver Fox Dr. Drew). But, based on his recent work on Gossip Girl, I decided that Billy (the orange sweater), is pretty enough to stay in the sweater collection.

The Battle of the Yellow Turtlenecks is turning as competitive as that ill-fated celebrity skating show, "Skating With The Stars."

Here the brothers are, in happier times...

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  1. Molly, I think you gave me that sweater in heather pink!! I still have it! OK, it is a little short...and tight.... but the tightness is not the sweater's fault.