Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 37 - Lisa Turtle(neck)

When you're only on Day 37 of a hundred sweater blog, record warm temperatures are not exactly welcome.  I wasn't sure if I should switch things up and give one of my summer sweaters for a spin, or should I just ignore mercury and proceed as planned?

Although for a brief moment I considered wearing a (gasp) sweater vest, cooler heads prevailed, and I decided that today's 60 degree temperatures were merely a blip on the (weather) radar and I would proceed as planned.  But, just as a "nod" to the weather, I went with an 100% acrylic selection from an unlikely source: Delia's.  Yes, that Delia's.  I cannot tell you what I was doing in there, but you can be sure that I was called ma'am while making this late 2000s purchase. I'm predicting that the pseudo-empire waste will either look incredibly dated, or make me look 8 months pregnant.  Other than that, I have little-to-no expectations for this navy, once-trendy, turtleneck.

Despite the high and defined waist, this sweater really didn't come from A Pea in the Pod.

Why, yes, that's a cat hair on this sweater.

Even though this sweater hails from a store that offers Charms Blowpop knee-highs and Justin Bieber nightshirts, I have to admit that it actually surprised a good way.  It had a nice drape and the defined waistline was actually somewhat flattering.  The acrylic didn't seem to be bad thing here, and I really appreciated that there was some length to this turtleneck, especially when I demonstrated a sit spin.  If I didn't know better, I might even assume that this actually came from a store of quality...especially since there were no discernible pills and the sweater really held its shape.  All in all, a dark horse in the sweater run for the roses.  As they say in Bachelor parlance, this was one of "The most shocking twists ever".

My rating: Mario Lopez.  Yes, I said it...Mr. A.C. Slater himself. When you make your fame wearing acid washed Z. Cavaricci jeans, and saying lines like, "Hey Mama" and "What's up, Preppy," it's difficult to imagine that you can ever survive that image.  Especially when the show that you're on (or the store that you were purchased from) is aimed squarely at those who have not fully developed their sense of humor yet (and may still be wearing rubber bands on their braces).  So nobody was more surprised than I was when Mario was able to shake off those bike shorts and actually do a credible job of hosting various shows and reality TV talent contests. He is cute without being obsequious, and takes his duties of being a sweater quite seriously.  Despite his coming of age on Saturday morning and syndicated TV, this sweater turned in a solid performance and will definitely be back in reruns sometime in the near future.  But I wouldn't wear it with acid-washed jeans, however...some things should definitely stay in the 90s.

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