Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 42 -- Because He Cares

Ah, my old friend, the snowflake striped v-neck sweater.  So we meet again (and we will meet again...and, if I dare wear your relative in vest form...again).  This time I see that you are a bright cherry red for the season, no?  How festive!! Since your little goldenrod sibling survived what was almost certain elimination, I'm guessing you're feeling pretty cocky.  But I wouldn't tackle a Whitney Houston song just yet...there are no "locks" in the cutthroat world of sweater blogging. Nobody is guaranteed a spot in the finale.

One of my issues with this sweater used to be that it always looked like I was wearing a name tag. They might not seem like a significant nuisance, but, believe me, after several "made-you-look" incidents, it does get to be a bit of a irritant. I doubt that this was discussed at the board meeting when they designed this sweater, but it's something to consider for all of you aspiring designers out there.

Okay...I'll admit it.  I forgot to take a picture of this sweater, and
yes, I'm a little bit behind on this blog.  But I will not compromise
the sanctity of the freshly dry-cleaned sweater for a mere glamour shot.
Side note: Isn't it sweet that the dry cleaners admits that they care? 

Remember this sweater from Day 39? I compared his brother to
a member of Duran Duran...this version should be so lucky

Is there a support group for snowflake pattern addiction?  Or maybe
just one for people that are forced to read blog entries about them?

Just once in my life, I'd like someone to take a look at me in one of my faux-ski sweaters and ask me if I've just come back from Aspen.  Or Squaw Valley...Sun Valley, or any Valley that doesn't start with "Death."  No such luck, but, fear not, I've got plenty more from the Lindsey Vonn/Picabo Street/Suzy Chapstick wannabe collections. I think I've made the case for sweaters of this ilk.  Sure, if I worked in an office and this pullover signified my "outfit" for the day, well, maybe then I'd need to rethink things a bit.  But I see nothing wrong with a simple snowflake pattern on a lambswool v-neck if one's workplace is an ice rink (or a preschool, perhaps).  And I will not change my position on this matter (but it's still only Day give me a few days in April wearing snowflakes like a banner across my chest and I could be otherwise convinced).

My rating: Brian Dennehy. There are other character actors out there that do what he does (which is, essentially, playing "The Heavy"), but none do it with the warmth and charisma of Mr. Dennehy. He may not appear in too many movies that don't start with the phrase "Direct to DVD" anymore and this sweater won't make the folks at E's Fashion Police bat a fake eyelash, but there's just something about them both that I trust.  This is the sweater that you'd wear when you're having people over to watch some random football game on a Sunday afternoon (just keep Dennehy away from the pigs in the blanket), and, if you need someone to play the down-on-his-luck former police chief, look no further.

 I am pretty sure that I've worn this sweater several times over the past few years, but I cannot seem to recall exactly when.  And the same could be said for films from the Dennehy canon over the past few years: I know I've seen him in a few things, but what were they?  (Did I mention that one of my many rules for this blog is that I'm not allowed to go to IMDB or other research sites to look up facts about these actors--it all has to come from the vast files of useless information in my brain).

But none of that really long as we've got 1986's classic action film F/X and a delightful little snowflake pattern across the chest of a roomy lambswool sweater, all is right in the Sunday afternoon part of the world.

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