Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 47 -- Mr. Ed

As we are nearing the half-way point of this blog, I just want to assure everybody that, yes, I do have enough sweaters to make it 53 more days.  No need for a national panic to ensue...and if I have to wear that festive Halloween sweater in April, by George Clooney, I'll do it.  Anything for this blog.  Yeah, anything except keeping up with it...I'm afraid that I've kept up with the Kardashians better than I have with this blog (poor Bruce...I promise not to name any sad-sack sweaters after you.  The same may not be said about Scott, however).  Oh, I've been very good about wearing a different sweater every day...just not so great about reflecting upon that experience.  But fear not, I remember every little stitch (and itch) about all of these sweaters, so there won't be any sweater-fraud on my watch.

So, I present today's offering: the 2nd in a 4-part series (but not nearly as compelling as Downton Abbey, I'm afraid) which began back on Day 29.  While that one displayed a modicum of creativity (look Ma, stripes!), this selection is simply a chunky-knit,  carnation-hued turtleneck, sold at the Gap at or around the Y2K.

Amongst my friends, I am not exactly known as a "planner."  I like to wait until the very last minute to decide what to eat, watch, do, etc...even if that renders that my weekend plans be relegated to collapsing on the couch and clearing out some of those ominous exclamation points on my DVR. For this blog, however, I am a regular Type A personality...even going so far as to plan my sweaters up to five days in advance (and, as an extra bonus, I've even been coordinating my sweaters with the weather forecast.  I tell you, I am a new person...for about 50 more days, anyway). Knowing that I teach hockey on Friday afternoons which is why I am always cold on Friday night (which makes me even less likely to want to plan outings with my friends), I decided to put all of this simulated handknit posturing to the test.  If this sweater can keep me warm and display some semblance of early-February-Valentines-Day joie de vivre, it'll remain in my collection and continue to take up a lot of room in my closet (especially when stacked on top of its 3 other siblings).

Okay, all together now..."Awww!"

All I ask is that a neck maintain its that too much to hope for?

So, after a long day on the ice, I have to say that this l'il bugger really held up his end of the bargain.  This had a nice, upbeat color, and the fit was fairly agreeable as well (I'm still not a fan of the rolling hem on sweaters, but, it, for the most part, stayed in place). It was chunky without being too bulky, and, wouldn't you know it, that little turtleneck held its shape all day.  I still opted out of plans for Friday night, but that had less to do with being cold, and more to do with being way behind on American Idol because I keep falling asleep during those boring auditions. Suffice it to say, this one made it to Hollywood week.

My rating: Tom Cavanagh (despite my strict rules against looking an actor up on IMDB, I had to this time, just to get that spelling correct). Like this sweater, Mr. Cavanagh ruled the airwaves in the early 2000s in his whimsical drama series Ed. His winning dimples, charming personality (and this lovely carnation hue) made him a frequent guest on late night talk shows, and it seemed that he was poised to become a permanent fixture in our entertainment lives. But, for whatever reason (oh, cruel, cruel fickle television viewers), Tom Cavanagh just didn't happen for us.  He made some attempts (as Zach Braff's brother on Scrubs, various voice-over work), but, despite his talent, hand-knit quality, and boyish good looks, he seems to be relegated to the once-a-year Hallmark channel movie appearance (usually around Christmas).  Which is a shame, because when you need some cheer on a cold February afternoon, you can do much worse than a blush-colored turtleneck and the proverbial best friend from literally every cable series from the past 10 years.

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