Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 39 - Blame it on Rio

Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel like putting on a maize lambswool v-neck and dancing the day away?  No?? Well, if maize doesn't suit your fancy, how about this exact sweater in red, green...or, heck, why not a sweater vest in purple?

I realize that this is a familiar refrain to the reader(s) of this blog...but I'll sing it again.  I bought this sweater at Abercrombie & Fitch around 1999 (yes, Virginia...they used to make clothes for people above size 00), and, presumably, I liked it so much that I purchased it in all 3 available colors...and a vest. I doubt that I ever tried it on, but that's neither here nor there (and you try to get somebody to let you into a fitting room at Abercrombie...see how that goes for you).

I just love me some ski-poser sweaters, don't I?

Shocker...a snowflake stripe across the chest! Was that a thing?

Since I have this sweater in no fewer than four incarnations, I was really hoping that this one would be the goldenrod straw that broke the sweater shelf's back.  No such luck.  In fact, surprising nobody, I actually enjoyed wearing this v-neck.  While I always eschewed the maize crayon back in my Crayola 64 days (not that I ever left, of course), this particular shade struck me as actually kind of cheerful.  The fit was nice, and I think we all know that a snowflake stripe across the chest is my sweater kryptonite.

The only problem is that I have this in 3 other colors...and I highly doubt that I could part with the spring green or cherry red versions.  Where are those sweater-devouring moths when you need them?

My rating: Roger Taylor. As the drummer for Duran Duran, he was often viewed as the "quiet one," and it seemed that he was always relegated to the back of the group photos in Bop Magazine (Is that still around? Such a great name!). He didn't get the screams that John, Simon, or Nick received (never did get that one...still don't), but he was consistently cute and almost never had a regrettable fashion choice (Mr. Rhodes cannot say the same).  While the majority of the Duran fans (I still cringe at the word "Durannies") dismissed Roger, I always had him in backup reserve, should John ever fail me (he never did...have you seen him lately?). So even though the red and green v-necks of the world get all of the sweater airplay, sometimes it's the goldenrod version that is your true hero sweater...the one that is willing to sit back and let others get the glory while he keeps you warm, happy, and "dancing on the sand...just like that river twists across a dusty land."

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