Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 45 -- Don(ning) Henley

You didn't expect me to buy just one sweater from Hollister, did you?  So here we are again...only this time it's in a lovely shade of pink.  With a pouch.  And bell-shaped sleeves.  This can't end well.

When this much of the mannequin is showing, you just know I'll
be battling with the hem all day.

What's the proper henley etiquette? 1 button undone? 2? All?

And this is what is known as the "purl" stitch.  If you turn
this inside out, it will look like a normal knit sweater (with odd seams).
Since I had trouble just putting this sweater on the mannequin, I knew that this would not be a day in which I tucked my legs under me on the couch while wearing thick socks, sipping a piping hot mug of cocoa while watching the snow fall gently outside as I watched a marathon of My So-Called Life on TV (back when the name "Jared Leto" did not evoke anything other than a longing sigh). Nope, this day started with a 6:30 am lesson and did not end until I woke up on the couch at 1:30 am to the strains of a real estate infomercial and an impossible pain in my neck from improper sofa pillow placement.  So much for that hot chocolate...

But that about sums up this sweater.  It looks fairly cute, and the "reverse" stitch technique puts it a few notches above an ordinary mediocre sweater. But, due to the abbreviated length (intentional?) and wide sleeve width (irritating!), this lovely pink confection was really more of a (literal) pain in the neck.  I spent more time pulling down the hem while rolling up the cuffs that I really couldn't enjoy the laid-back surf attitude that a Hollister henley promises. It's cute in theory, but is actually more trouble than it's worth.

My rating: Edward Norton.  For someone so gifted, Edward Norton sure makes it difficult for everyone to like him (not that he cares, of course).  I alternate between finding him adorable (see: Y2K relic Keeping the Faith, and 2012's Moonrise Kingdom) and then being appalled by his arrogance and prickly personality in pretty much every interview he does.  While it doesn't always show up on the screen, his method acting perfectionism and highly vocal criticisms of his directors (not to mention those bell sleeves) make his acting skills and boyish good looks seem almost wasted on him. Refusing to do press for a movie like The Incredible Hulk is understandable, but, c'mon...The Italian Job was actually a lot of fun.  Talent and a lovely shade of pink can only take you so far...after that, we have to enjoy spending the day with you (and, let me tell you, I had as much fun tugging at this abridged hem as Roger Ebert did in Death to Smoochy).  And, besides, he dated Courtney Love...for a long time.  That's got to say something about him.

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