Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 38 - Not Exactly a Shue-In.

I've already admitted that I find myself a little bit behind on this blog.  How behind?  Well, if this were a credit card, I'd be receiving that wonderful little phone call by now.  Part of the reason for this is due to my own tendency towards procrastination....even on deadlines that are self-imposed.  But another significant factor for my blog-avoidance comes from a lack of inspiration. The sweaters that are truly awful are easy to write about...but the ones that are merely "fine" cause me blognesia (copyright 2013).  Exhibit A: a multi-hued chunky tan turtleneck from the Gap's Holiday 2006 line.  Normally not the stuff that anybody pays too much attention to--throw on a pair of humdrum cords, and you've got yourself a Saturday outfit to run errands in.  But now that I actually have to pay attention to this sweater, I'm afraid I might nod off.

The tag said "Holiday '06." Nothing says "Bring on the mistletoe"
like a tan chunky turtleneck.

Would you believe that this lone row of orange stitching on the sleeve was actually a
selling point for me?  Of course you would...and it's absolutely true.

The pattern on the neck is a little different than the rest of the sweater.  Fascinating, I know.

Well...what can I say about this one. "It had a good beat, and you can dance to it...I give it a 76". It beat my expectations (which were, admittedly, pretty low) and fit fairly well.  It had some cotton in it, so there weren't any visible pills on the sweater, and the neck held its shape. In the 31 flavors of sweaters, this was vanilla...maybe French Vanilla...but vanilla just the same.

So I kept this one.  Will I ever wear it again? Possibly.  Will I even remember wearing it two weeks later?  Probably not.  I guess that's just how it goes for a tan turtleneck in a closet full of coral cardigans and pink pullovers.

My rating: Andrew Shue.  Sure, he was "the cute one" on Melrose Place and we all know not to "mess" with his sister (a.k.a. "The Babysitter"), but has anybody really thought about him lately?  I recall that his charity was called "Do Something," so one has to wonder if he's been heeding his own advice.  Even though his career has not been too memorable as of late, he could probably stage a comeback at some point, as he is well-constructed and has a nice personality.  While I don't always reach for a tan turtleneck, when you need one, it's good to know that there's a solid performer around, just ready and willing to "Do Something."  Would I wear it to Shooter's?  Not unless I was being forced to by Dr. Mancini or Crazy Kimberly.

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