Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 20--Apres Skate

Just when I thought I'd gone an entire week without a multiple...up surfaced this ying to Day 17's yang.  Now, it would be all too easy to declare this one a winner (albeit not a runaway victor)--but, in the interest of equality, I decided to take each sweater on his own merit (or lack thereof).  Also, I knew I wouldn't see too many people today, so nobody would call me on this inexplicable duplicate.

Somehow, the words "Donna Karan" and "Active" seem
mutually exclusive...

Since my original defense of this Donna Karan foray into the world of alpine skiing fashion involved the words, "sporty" and "appropriate for a skating coach," I knew that I needed to put those adjectives to the test.  I wore it to the ice rink to teach some lessons today, and, irritating zipper on the neck notwithstanding, I will say that my faint praise was well-earned.  The stripes down the sleeve made me feel like I should be helping Peggy Fleming (or some other 1970s skater) with her flying sit spin (instead of saying, "Oopsy daisy" when my young student kept falling. And falling).  To its detriment, however, is that it also has a bit of a priest collar look to it ("The Skiing Priest"...coming soon to NBC primetime).  Also, it's a little too fitted for Saturday lounging, which is why, as soon as I can guarantee that I won't see any actual human beings (the Fed Ex guy just came, but I don't expect any more deliveries), back it goes into the sweater sardine shelf in favor of an oversized sweatshirt.  Hey, even style can take a Saturday night off.My rating: Bjorn Borg (yes, my first from the world of sports.  You try finding B-D-list actors for every sweater in your collection--It's not so easy).  This little fella is sporty, good looking in that 70s way, and does a solid job...even on the seniors' tennis circuit.  It can't hold its own against the likes of a Dale of Norway ski sweater or a Roger Federer, but it does what is asked of it and still has a mean head of a hair.  Ja! 

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