Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 30 -- The Aye (brows) Have It!

I must admit that I've been avoiding this sweater (and his two brothers) for some time now.  Even though I seem to don each of them with great regularity (perhaps because they are on a low shelf and take very little effort to wear), I was not excited to take on this task.  Why?  Boredom, I guess.  Because if it's warm and fits nicely, why shouldn't I keep something around? Do we have to be excited by every item of clothing in our wardrobe...if so, why do they even make brown "slacks?" I wear sweaters practically year-round, so isn't it somewhat necessary to have a few sweaters that just are?  They don't all have to get compliments, do they?

(This might go without saying, but...): From the Limited, circa 2001.

Nice color...maybe I should buy 2 more, but in far less interesting hues.

After going an entire two days without hearing, "I like your sweater," (and that compliment was on the sweater that I wore after giving the heave-ho to that periwinkle turtleneck), I actually heard those words twice today. I would have said that the first one didn't count because it was from a young girl who probably just liked seeing something purple and slightly fuzzy, but, since she has never gone out of her way to take notice of my clothing before, I'm going to mark this hanging chad as a vote for this sweater.  

Since the fiber content of this sweater is 70% lambswool and 20% angora, there was a level of softness to this turtleneck that reminded me of why I seem to wear it a few times a year.  It had some bulk to it, but not overly so, and was long enough to prevent that oh-so-lovely breeze on my lower back that too many of my sweaters seem to foster.  But besides all of that, it is a pretty color.  Sure, the neck splayed open a bit too much (not quite like a court jester, but still slightly annoying), but the positives here outweighed the negatives.  Whether I'll be able to say the same about his less attractive siblings remains to be seen (worn).

My rating: Peter Gallagher.  You can hardly watch a show on the CW or a direct-to-video sequel to a popular theatrical movie without seeing him, yet his performances never disappoint. Sure his eyebrows are bushy and the neck of this sweater is a bit too stretched out, but nobody plays an overbearing and upscale father like Mr. Gallagher. He might not get nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe anytime soon, but there will always be a place for the lilac lambswool turtleneck actors of the world...especially if the movie is about ballet. Now if only we could do something about those brows...

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