Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 28-- Pass the Paas Please

When I was wearing his purple twin yesterday, I had, in the back of my mind, the notion that this sweater would be safe.  Even though it is the exact same sweater as that purple one from yesterday, (and therefore has all of its failings), darn it...I just love this color.  Even though I had the 64 box of Crayolas, I'm still not quite sure what to call this lovely, almost iridescent hue.  Periwinkle?  Paas lilac?  Where's my J.Crew color wheel when I need it?  And, honestly, I don't have any other sweater in this color.

But here's the rub: I made that rule about any sweater that you keep having to be worn all day...and I kind of didn't want to wear this one tonight (I have a skating competition and they've never seen me in "normal" clothes).  So, if this sweater goes above and beyond my expectations today, I would be obligated to wear it later in the day.  As my Magic 8-Ball might say: "Outlook Not So Good."

I think you all know this sweater by now...

I really love this yarn...so pretty and not your typical color combinations.,.unless, of course, you're dyeing Easter eggs.
As much as it pains me, this sweater really fit no better than either its cousin or its fraternal twin from yesterday.  And when I grab it (maybe once a year) to wear it, I always forget that it's not the cozy cocoon that I had hoped it to be. Perhaps I can track down yarn like this and find someone to fashion me a turtleneck that actually has a pattern on it over the entire sweater and a neck that retains its shape.  It's a beautiful, unique color, but, to be fair to its eliminated kin, this sweater really isn't a standout.  Too bad...but, on the bright side, I get to wear a new sweater from Anthropologie tonight.

My rating: Eddie Cibrian.  While he is good looking, to be sure, I feel that he has been coasting on those good looks for far too long.  If anyone out there can name anything that he's done (besides cheat on his wife with LeAnn Rimes) in the past decade that was noteworthy, you can have this sweater.  I tend to cut him some slack because of his piercing stare, square jawline, and multi-colored pastel yarn...but is he worth it?  As Janet might say, "I know you used to do nice things for me, but what have you done for me late-ly?" 

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