Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 26--On Second Thought, Maybe I Won't be There for You...

Elvis had his deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Hitchcock had his icy blonds, and Scooby had his Scooby Snacks As for me, my personal kryptonite has long been the orange sweater. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that if a store offers a style in orange, nine times out of ten, I will purchase it (and that ninth time is probably because it's a deep v-neck.  Not my favorite).

Which brings us to today's selection.  Another favorite from the mid-2000s, but this time it's from a new store to the mix...and not one you'll see too often in my closet--New York & Co.  You know them...rayon pants, "silk" floral camis, and, oh, yes, (at least partially) acrylic sweaters.  And I think it goes without saying that this little doozy has a twin in green, and identical twin cousins in purple and periwinkle.

Oh, the intricate pseudo-fisherman knit stitching.

Don't you just love when a pattern is only on the front of the sweater?

One of the reasons people hang onto things from their closets, even after they've "gone out of style" (although I still maintain that a good turtleneck never really goes out of favor) is because they don't want to have to buy it again when it inevitably does come back. I'm sure there are some late 80s/early 90s metal heads out there that are so happy they don't have to re-buy those high-waisted acid wash jeans.  Of course, most of us (especially those that read Lucky magazine) know that when styles come back, they are somehow different this time (much like people who are brought back from the dead in all of those psychological thrillers that I avoid). I've seen the Sperry Top-Siders that the kids these days are wearing, and they bear only a passing resemblance to my beloved kicks from back in the day.

All of this is to say that, unlike trendy washes of jeans or novelty footwear, orange sweaters will always hold an appeal for me.  Therefore, no matter how many of them live in my closet (more like an orange sweater commune, if I'm being honest), I will probably still acquire a new one whenever the opportunity arises (two so far this year...and it's only January).  Which is why there is really no need to keep this one's a little bit too short, the neck does not maintain its strict turtle shape, and the fiber content contains acrylic and 3% other fibers (and I'm guessing those ain't cashmere). It's not horrible, but even if I join a cult in which we are required to wear orange sweaters for a month (what a wonderful cult that would be...maybe I'll start it), I'm still in no danger of running out, even if I do pass on this acrylic/polyester/wool/other wonder from the mall.

My rating: Matthew Perry.  While he would appear to have everything that I so enjoy (wit, self-deprecation, a lovely orange color), there just seems to be something missing (even with those 3% other fibers).  Even though I applaud similar television actors like Nathan Fillion and John Krasinski for their TV personas, the-man-who-will-forever-be-Ross-on-Friends to me just can't catch a break from me.  Jason Bateman can (and should) play the same character forever, but, Heaven forbid Matthew Perry play someone anything like Ross.  And what's with the fisherman knit design being only on the front of the sweater?  Could that be anymore annoying (trust me, I don't even like referencing Matthew Perry, even in a quote).  This sweater was fine, but ultimately unmemorable, much like most of Mr. Perry's career (I'll give him a special dispensation, however, for his appearance on the early days of Beverly Hills, 90210).  I could Go On, but that would mean that I'd actually watched that show...and I have most decidedly not done so.  Nineteen sweaters have fallen so far, which, coincidentally is the number of failed sitcoms Matthew Perry has had since Friends went off the air (okay, I'll stop now...I promise).

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