Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 29--Why, 2K?

It's the first day this winter where the words "brutal," "windchill" and "bone-chilling" have actually been uttered on the weather forecast (or was that the review for the newest installment in the Saw saga?  I can't keep those straight). I've been saving this particular sweater for just such a day, as I know that it is warm (bordering on "stifling") and is a selection that is not without its issues.

The tag says that it is from "Holiday '00," so I'm guessing that the Gap was celebrating the fact that the Y2K virus didn't take multi-colored sweaters away from us. If I told you that I didn't buy this one in black, lavender, AND raspberry (which also had a matching hat and scarf...made out of such chunky, thick yarn that they take up most of the hats and/or scarves drawer), would you even believe me? Didn't think so.

Can't you just see this sweater in those festive "Gap Holidays" ad?  Nothing says "holidays" like random color combos accompanied by even more random stripe widths.

Chunky peanut butter?  No thank you.  Chunky sweater?  More please!
The first obstacle for this turtleneck was the highly dangerous, "Taking-out-of-the recycling-bin-without-wearing-a-coat" challenge...which it passed, I'm proud to say, with flying (multi) colors. For those of you at home, I do not advise performing this stunt in such frigid conditions, but it does separate the hand-knits from the "other fibers."

Cold weather is the great equalizer, and, no matter what your profession may be, below zero temperatures give everyone a bit of a hall pass from fashion.  Still, I found these lively (if not random) colors here to be just cheerful enough--without being too cloying, and, best of all, the neck knew its place--and stayed there. The length was good, and didn't roll up as I had I'm not exactly sure why this sweater is always on death watch, but, perhaps, it is due to the vast amount of space that it takes up on the shelf.  Maybe I wouldn't feel so positive about this Y2K creation had the windchill not been in the negative numbers today, but, as it stands, this is the chunky sweater that could.

My rating:  Wallace Shawn. While you might not wish to see him in a starring role, (My Dinner with Andre, anyone?), his presence as a supporting player is always a welcome addition to any movie.  Similarly, I might not want to wear this (nearly antique) Gap sweater in my Facebook profile picture, but that shouldn't diminish its talent in other ways.  It's colorful, cozy, and is the best thing about a movie that's already pretty near perfection, The Princess Bride. You don't go looking for Wallace Shawn, but, when you find him, it's always a pleasure.  Get rid of this sweater?  Inconceivable!

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