Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 27--I'm Not in a New York (and Company) State of Mind

Even though most of us have probably not actually sat through an entire episode of The Patty Duke Show, I'm sure that a lot of people can still at least quote part of the theme song..."They're cousins.  Identical cousins."  Preposterous?  Hey, in the land of Mr. Ed and The Flying Nun, anything is possible.  I know that I was due to take on the fraternal twin of yesterday's orange offering, but, as it is a lovely green color (and has a matching hat and gloves set to go with it), I thought I'd table that sweater until closer to St. Patrick's Day.  So, if you'll permit me, I'm moving on to little Patty Duke here.  The differences are minute...in fact, when I purchased (all four) these sweaters, I believe that I thought that they were all alike.  They have the same mysterious 3% "other fibers" and, upon checking the tags, they all have the same style number.  The main difference is, apparently, the design on the front on this has a wider cable, but no alternating patterns.  Fascinating, no?

I think this sweater photographs well.  I might even purchase this if I saw it on Boden or Anthropologie.  Don't let me do that.

The camera adds 10 pounds...even to a wire dress form.

Although it is nowhere near the levels of my orange sweater addiction, I do have a bit of an affinity for the purple turtleneck sweater--if for other reason than I like to go to Northwestern basketball games in the winter with my Dad.  Not that he'd wonder why I always wear the same purple sweater, but I do like to have a bit of variety.  And isn't purple quite regal?  In fact, I considered to another turtleneck face-off: the purple edition, but, since almost every one was part of a multiple, the logistics proved to be just too difficult.

As for this sweater, well, it's fine.  It's long enough, soft (probably due to the fiber which shall not be named), and is an easy choice for a Saturday.  Had I not been doing a sweater experiment, I might have gone through the entire day wearing this and been completely content.  Now, of course, I'm nit-picking, "These wide cables on the front are simply not flattering," "The neck sticks out a little bit," and "How come there are no cables on the sleeves or the back?"  Hardly reason enough to send this one packing, but, in these tough times for my sweaters, those braids on the front might just prove to be the death knell for a purple turtleneck (they are braided in such a way that you can put your finger through them on both sides--I think they are stitched onto the sweater).  And the neck has almost an Elizabethan quality to it when it stretches out. I'll give it the rest of the day to "wow" me, and then it'll face the judges once again.

Since I have just a few more purple turtleneck sweaters, I think I'll let this one move on to a new recipient.  But I will say this: it (and its orange cousin from yesterday) are machine washable.  That's kind of a big deal.  It didn't even say, "Hand wash"...and, would you believe, it is "Tumble dry low?"  Very impressive...perhaps I sold those synthetic fibers short.  Still, in the interest of keeping family together, I'll let the cousins stay together, nice and clean, and onto somebody else's shelf.
My rating: Breckin Meyer.  While his body of work has presumably grown over the years (and his status in the hipster community as well...see: Robot Chicken), and he is a solid performer, he hasn't exactly been memorable in anything since his breakout role in Clueless.  In fact, if somebody broke into my house and took this sweater (odd thieves, to be sure), I probably would not even notice that it was gone.  Much like his basic cable legal comedy Franklin and Bash (or is that still on...does anybody know or care?).  I love a warm sweater as much as I love a charming naif in a classic high school comedy, but there just isn't enough substance here to give this one my vote. 

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