Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 24--The Captain of Chenille

There's a popular T-shirt that I see at most skating rinks that goes, something to the effect of: "Skater's Excuses" and lists things like "I landed it yesterday," and "The ice is too choppy."  So I am going to come up with my own "Sweater's Excuses" shirt before I even put this one on.  "It's really soft." "The color is so'll brighten up a cold January morning." "I can wear it into spring."  "Chenille..." (nope, even I couldn't really make a case for chenille).  And, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have three of these synthetic wonders...all soft...all pastel...all 97% nylon...and all taking up a lot of room in the ole armoire.  They hail from the Gap, and, according to the tag, are from their Holiday '05 collection (finally, something that was around after Justin Bieber was born).  In fact, I recall that I gave a few of these as gifts...I wonder if this sweater is causing any of them ennui.
This is actually not the best representation of the color here...if it were, I would have had no problems deciding whether or not to keep it.  The true color is more Crayola sky blue.

Have fun trying to figure out what to do with that neck.  Is it a cowl? Is it a turtleneck?

After wearing this puppy all day (and receiving one compliment...albeit from a 9 year old who probably just liked it because it looked "fuzzy"), I can only come up with the overused and irritating word that I vowed (well, not officially of course) never to use here...meh.  Now that I've written it, I am even more against the word, but it does seem to apply here.  The sweater was soft, warm and would be nice in the spring when one doesn't want to put on something drab and woolen.  But there was no joy in Mudville with this one.  The hem on the bottom was reminiscent of the old school J.Crew rollneck, but it neither stayed rolled nor did it lie flat.  Also, the sleeves were long and kind of bell-shaped...which I could have overlooked had everything else gone smoothly.  It's not a crime against humanity, but it did not do enough to keep me interested.  And besides, he's got 2 more siblings for me to put through the paces.  Love those multiples!

My rating: Matthew McConaughey.  Sure, there was a time when I had a big crush on him (see: A Time to Kill.  His head used to be full of hair--not himself), but those days have gone the way of his beach-front trailer.  I can make excuses for him all I want (and, yes, he was pretty funny in Magic Mike), but the combination of his bizarre bongo-playing incident and the one-two punch of the perplexing neckline with the non-committal hemline makes this one more trouble than it is worth.  Matthew McConaughey may not wear many shirts, and, in his honor,  I will definitely not be wearing this "shirt" again either.

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