Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 21--Gypsies, Cardigans and Ponchos

To say that I wore this particular cardigan to Cher's Farewell Concert tour probably isn't specific enough...since she had about five "final farewell" trips across the country. I'm not quite sure why I opted for a fitted lilac cardigan with tiny beaded "flowers" on it, but I'm sure I had my reasons (I'd like to forget the matching satin cropped pants I wore with it.  Maybe that's why Cher decided to tour give us all a chance to redeem our outfits).

This sweater is from Express...yes, children, there was a time when that store made clothing that did not have to be worn in the clubs. You could even wear them to Cher concerts.

I chose to wear this particular sweater on a Sunday because I figured that pairing it with a high-waisted skirt would give it the ultimate chance for failure.  If you are too short when I'm wearing an uncool churchy outfit, what hope is there for you in my everyday life?  So imagine my surprise when this little bugger complimented my gray flannel skirt perfectly?  In fact, the fiber content showed not only silk, but cashmere as well...leading me to think that the designer of this sweater was subsequently fired in favor of the person who brought back the halter top to the next generation.  It was soft, relatively cozy, and, wonder of wonder, miracles miracles (it's okay to reference "Fiddler on the Roof" here, right?), actually pretty cute.  I was thinking that it's almost an all-season sweater and might even be introduced to some of my more difficult Anthropologie dresses.  Talk about reinvention (Cher would be so proud)!

But, even though this outfit was a success, I really didn't want to wear a high-waisted skirt and fitted (and beaded) sweater all day.  A victim of my own rule: If you like a sweater enough to keep it, thou (I put that in there because it's Sunday) must wear it all day (provided that you will be around other humans that day).  I called an emergency meeting of the session, and they gave me the power to amend that rule whenever I deemed necessary.  Of course, whichever sweater I choose to wear that day has to be approved by a 2/3 vote of the ad hoc committee.

So I revisited a sweater from Day 16 that I didn't really get the chance to wear because of its lack of normal sleeves and its drapey, poncho styling.  Today, however, that styling was perfect because I had a friend coming over to watch The Golden Globes and we couldn't very well be making fun of celebrities' outfits while wearing Express sweaters (no matter how cute) from the last millennium.  And despite not being able to raise my arms over my head in victory when Robert Downey, Jr. took the stage (swoon), I have to declare that Day 16 cutie a winner as well.  It made me look like one of those hip, effortless people I see sashaying around...and they never appear to be worried about how they'll carry a purse while wearing that poncho-like sweater.  Fortunately, my handlers carried my belongings for this awards show so I could waltz around at will.  One day..two winners.

My ratings (for both sweaters): Cher.  No matter how, ahem, old she gets, she always finds a way to be in style...even in a cardigan.  And, in the case of the Ann Taylor Loft sweater from last year, she can still wear the latest trends without looking ridiculous...all without much mobility in the arm area (but we can't blame excessive Botox for that, can we?).  Although I still lament not keeping most of my Cher doll's clothes intact (they didn't really fit Barbie's aesthetic), I will be keeping these sweaters--both timeless and trendy. 

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