Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 25--Return of Chenille: Lilac Attack

Whose idea was it to treat these multiples like individuals?  If I didn't like it in light blue, what possible reason could I have for liking it in lilac?  Who am I...Sam I am?  I do not like it in light blue...I do not like it at the zoo.  Right, where was I?  Oh yes, day two of my adventures through chenille.  The lilac edition...which, at first glance, I must admit is a very fetching color.  Too pretty to get rid of? We'll find out...

You're darn right this is soft!
When I put this sweater on, I noticed that instead of saying "Gap Stretch" like his light-blue brother, this one said "Gap Body."  At first I chalked this up to the odd tags one finds at the outlet stores (it's quite possible that I found this one after Holiday '05, and was delighted to get a companion for my beloved light-blue chenille cowlneck), but then I noticed that the styling was just a bit different.  In a good way.  The neck was definitely a turtleneck (no more fussing with the collar) and the bottom had a real hem.  I'm not sure why Gap Body would focus more on the details than its Stretch brethren (isn't Gap Body a fitness/sleepwear offshoot?), but I applaud their efforts here.  And as for the many excuses that I would have made for the light-blue version?  All valid here.  This color truly did bring cheer to my (ever-so early) morning and I felt warm and cozy all day.  Best of all, never once did I reach down to tug at the hem, nor did I fuss with the neckline.  Dare I say it...this chenille sweater was like wearing a hug all day.  Nope...I shouldn't have said matter how true that statement is.  A definite keeper...and maybe I'll even wear it on some rainy spring morning (once these 100 days are over, of course).

My rating: Josh Lucas.  While often cited as a "poor man's Matthew McConaughey", I find Josh Lucas to be the far more versatile and likable actor.  While they both played a hero from a Grisham novel (Lucas played in the TV version of The Firm), only one of them was able to play a younger version of Paul Newman and keep me warm and free of irritation all day long. Some day the world will finally warm up to the charms of both Josh Lucas and chenille (hey, that sounds like the name of a wonderful duo), but, until that day, perhaps we should heed the motto of Mr. McConaughey and JKL...Just Keep Livin' (apostrophe intended).

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